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160 Roller Chain 10ft Box

#160 Roller Chain
Economy Plus #160 Roller Chain

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Product Code: ECO-160RC-10FT
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2" pitch #160 roller chain has become apart of the top-used standard sizes of a chain in the world. This is primarily due to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B29.1, and when a chain is manufactured within this standard, it follows specific guidelines in regards to dimensions and regulations. In conclusion, this means that if a #160 chain meets ANSI standards, it will directly interchange with other brands and manufacturers.

Dimensionally our #160-1 roller chain conforms to all ANSI Standards, but when it comes to the metallurgy, manufacturing process, and performance we like to exceed the "industry standard" while remaining at an economical price point of just $189.99 per 10-foot box, this includes an additional connecting link. We work with manufacturers who have expanded past the basic roller-chain process since it was initially invented in 1880.

160 Roller Chain Features

  • Heat-treated and shot peened side plates, rollers, bushings, and pins - This not only increases the fatigue strength of the chain, but it dramatically improves the overall working life and dependability of the chain.
  • Factory pre-loaded - This dramatically reduces initial chain stretching that is common with other chains in the same price-level, thus improving sprocket life and performance.
  • Pre-lubricated from the factory- All of our roller chains are supplied with a proven high-quality lubrication that is applied at the factory level. We also provide additional roller chain lubricants to keep your chain running at its optimal performance and longest possible life.
  • Solid Rollers - The implementation of a solid roller has proven to increase the working life and performance of a chain. This is due to the simple fact that the roller is the primary wear part that comes in direct contact with the sprocket tooth. A split roller will deform and cause a hyper-wear effect past a certain point.
Note: We also have two quality levels of chain higher than our standard 160-1 chain. Such as General Duty Plus 160 Chain and Premier Series 160 chain.

160 Roller Chain Dimensions

Pitch (P): 2.000"
Roller Width (W): 1.250"
Roller Diameter (D): 1.125"
Overall Width (A): 2.564"
Plate Height (H): 1.901"
Plate Thickness (T): 0.255"
Pin Diameter (E): 0.563"
Average Ultimate Tensile Strength: 62,800 LBS
Weight Per Foot: 6.32 lbs/ FT
Common Interchanges: RC160, 160R, 160-1R, RS160

Additional Products Associated with 160 chains:
We also stock a cottered 160 chain as well as a full line of premium 160 sprockets, chain breakers, and chain pullers.

Standard ANSI 160 Attachments:

A-1 Attachment

D-1 Attachment

D-3 Attachment

K-1 Attachment

SA-1 Attachment

SK-1 Attachment
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USA Roller Chain
    • Chain Size: #160 Roller Chain
    • Tensile Strength: 62,800LBS
    • Economy Plus Quality
    • Shot Peened
    • Heat Treated
    • Supplied in a 10ft Box Including a Connecting Link

#160 Connecting link Made In USA 160 Chain Breaker | 160 Roller Chain Breaker - CB3 #160 Roller Chain Offset link
Our Price: $429.99
160 Connecting link 160-chain-breaker #160 Roller Chain Offset link - 5 Pack

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