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BX Cogged V-Belts

BX cogged v-belts are designated by having a 0.66" top-width and 0.41" thickness. Our cogged BX v-belts are manufactured with raw-edge sidewalls to eliminate slippage and increase efficacy, which in turn saves on operation costs. They are also manufactured in accordance with ARPM standards and are oil and heat-resistant. BX belts are constructed out of a high-quality chloroprene compound with high-strength polyester chords and have a top fabric that is constructed from a cotton polyester blend. Besides the performance, durability, and energy savings benefits our cogged v-belts will work with existing stand pulleys/ sheaves. To get a quote on BX cogged v-belts or pulleys please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

BX-Cogged Belt Part Number Designation

Note: These belts conform to ARPM standards as well as our line of V-belt pulleys. Additionally, standard operating temperatures range from -1° through +158° Farrenheight.
If you do not see the specific belt you need, looking for large quantities, or need any assistance please contact us!

Standard BX-Series V-Belts
Note: Add 3 inches for outside length (BX20 + 3" = 23" Outside Length)
SizeOutside Length SizeOutside Length SizeOutside Length SizeOutside Length SizeOutside Length

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