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RENS P-4000 Metal Detector

RENS P-4000 Metal Detector
RENS P-4000 Metal Detector

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Product Code: RENS-P-4000-METAL-DETECTOR
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The RENS P-4000 Metal Detector is a handheld, lightweight, portable metal detector designed to work in an array of applications including forestry, aggregate, and general purpose. Being manufactured by one of the worlds most renowned metal detecting companies around the globe, the P-4000 detector is sure to impress! RENS has been servicing the industry for over 70-years and has some of the best metal detecting technology available. The intelligent design makes it easy to detect metal in logs that are both standing or as timber laying down.

  • Self Calibrating - this makes it easy for multiple operators to use the metal detector.
  • Durable - the P-4000 is manufactured with high-strength components and materials to meet the expectations and environment needs of industrial use.
  • Regulated Power - regulated power helps preserve battery life and improve operating time.
  • Batter Gauge - this allows the operator to distinguish when the batter is getting low in the detector.
  • Protective Case - the case is provided for safe transport.
  • Fully Adjustable - using a hand-held unit can be strenuous after hours of use, having the capability to adjust it makes it much more comfortable to find the best and most comfortable position for use.
  • 10 Hour Operating Time - having the ability to operate a full ten hours with one charge provides the operator with a full day of detecting.

P-4000 Metal Detector Specifications

  • Swivel Head Weight: 7-1/2 LBS
  • Length: 51-1/2" to 57" (adjustable)
  • Power Supply: 17.5 volt
  • Solid State Circuitry
  • Adjustable Sound Level (0-90db)
  • Includes: earphones, shoulder strap, battery pack, recharger, and poly0foam carrying case

  • Flat Coil - flat search coil head for scanning lumber, timbers or other applications where scanning flat metal is needed.
  • Curved Handle - the ergonomically correct handle is designed for those who walk on large logs to scan for metal. Note: this practice is not recommended by USA Roller Chain and Sprockets or RENS Metal Detectors.

Sensitivity Table:
All Distances in inches from point A*.

The above items cannot be detected at distances farther away than shown in the above chart.

Suggested Method of Scanning Logs
This procedure will ensure that the entire surface of the log is scanned by the metal detector.

1. Place search head close to the log surface and scan the entire length of the log as shown in the diagram below.
2. Move to another side of the log and repeat step.
3. Roll log over as required to expose unscanned surfaces. Scan the rest of the circumference of the log covering the complete surface of the log. Overlap longitudinal sweeps to prevent dead spots.

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    • Self Calibrating
    • Durable and Dependable
    • Regulated Power
    • Battery Gauge
    • Protective Case
    • Fully Adjustable

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