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Tunnel Metal Detectors

Your production line has intricate assemblies that fly down a conveyor belt for optimal productivity. Adding a tunnel-style metal detector to your line is a logical investment. One piece of metal lodged into a part can equate to reputation loss and potential lawsuits. USA Roller Chain & Sprockets carries the latest in tunnel-type metal detector technology. Each system has easy-access controls and a wide passageway for your production items.

Every tunnel metal detector has vibration control, which reduces mistakes and increases component lifespans. A rectangular profile metal detector is commonplace on many production lines, but you may have more unique standards. Contact USA Roller Chain with your application and specifications. We'll find a high-performance metal detector for any scenario. Your industry type dictates the type of detector that best suits your needs. Wood, plastic and food industries have their choice in detection styles with machines supplied by USA Roller Chain.

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