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81XXHD Chain

81XXHD chain features a 2.609" pitch and is categorized as a steel bushed roller chain within the engineer class of chains. It is commonly known as 81X heavy heavy or extra heavy-duty 81XXHD roller chain (hence the "XHD" after 81X) because if the implementation of a thicker sidebar which makes the chain able to withstand a higher shock-load and offers a superior tensile strength, this is the strongest version of 81X series chains on the market today. Our chain is manufactured to ANSI specifications and dimensionally interchanges with other brands. We also supply 81XXHD sprockets, attachments, and we have a Made in USA 81X chain breaker. Because of its high-strength and effective design this chain can be found in applications all around the wold such as lumber, agricultural, mills, grain handling, and many more drive and conveying applications.

Quad staked Rivets

Though dimensionally equivalent to other chains our 81XXHD extra heavy chain is manufactured with quad-staked rivets. The main benefit of this is that the chain can withstand higher shock loads and side-loading without coming apart.

Solid Bushing Solid Roller Design

The next major benefit to our 81XXHD extra heavy duty chain versus others is the use of solid bushings and solid rollers. What this does is create a much less-friction environment for the chain and it's internal components. When using a split bushing, over time the split will become "oval shaped" thus rubbing on the inside of the roller which creates high-friction and high wear. The same thing will happen with a split roller with the addition of causing unnecessary sprocket wear in the process. This is why you'll notice a much better life-span when using a solid bushing solid roller (SBR) chain then when not using one.


All of our 81XHD chains are manufactured using superior alloys with each component being heat-treated to provide excellent wear life as well as extreme durability.

81XXHD Sprockets

When it comes to engineer-class 81XXHD sprockets there are four standard configurations. A-Plate, B-hub, C-hub, and split sprockets. However, we also supply idler sprockets that use bearings or bronze bushings depending on the sprocket size and application. Below is a chart that shows the standard tooth-counts for 81X chain sprockets.
A-Plate B-Hub C-Hub Split Sprockets

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