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81X Chain Sprockets

We supply the widest selection of 81X roller chain sprockets in the world! All of our 81x sprockets are manufactured using high-quality materials and are precision manufactured for optimum performance and working life. The majority of out 81X chain sprockets are manufactured from steel, but we also have cast sprockets. For washdown applications, we also supply high-quality 303, 304, 316-grade stainless steel 81X sprocket as well as plastic 81X sprockets.

81X sprockets work with chain sizes: 81X, 81XH, 81XHH, 81XHD, 81XXHD, 81XHS, 81X-RT, 81XHT
Note: our 81X sprockets interchange with other brands!

Common configurations for 81X sprockets are A-plate which is a simple plate sprocket, B-Hub which has a hub on one side, C-Hub which has a hub on both sides, idler, as well as split construction for both A and B hub style sprockets. Because of the ease in replacing, split sprockets are actually becoming more and more popular and the preference for most facilities, despite the higher initial cost.

81X Chain Sprocket Dimensions

To check the dimensions on your 81X sprocket select the tooth count under your configuration on the below chart.
A-Plate B-HubC-HubB-Split Sprockets C-Split Sprockets Idler Sprockets Plastic Sprockets
81XA10 81XB10 81XC10 SPLIT-81XB10SPLIT-81XC1010-TOOTH9-TOOTH
81XA11 81XB11 81XC11 SPLIT-81XB11SPLIT-81XC1111-TOOTH10-TOOTH
81XA12 81XB12 81XC12 SPLIT-81XB12SPLIT-81XC1212-TOOTH12-TOOTH
81XA13 81XB13 81XC13 SPLIT-81XB13SPLIT-81XC1313-TOOTH13-TOOTH
81XA14 81XB14 81XC14 SPLIT-81XB14SPLIT-81XC1414-TOOTH14-TOOTH
81XA15 81XB15 81XC15 SPLIT-81XB15SPLIT-81XC1515-TOOTH--
81XA16 81XB16 81XC16 SPLIT-81XB16SPLIT-81XC1616-TOOTH--
81XA17 81XB17 81XC17 SPLIT-81XB17SPLIT-81XC1717-TOOTH--
81XA18 81XB18 81XC18 SPLIT-81XB18SPLIT-81XC1818-TOOTH--
81XA19 81XB19 81XC19 SPLIT-81XB19SPLIT-81XC1919-TOOTH--
81XA20 81XB20 81XC20 SPLIT-81XB20SPLIT-81XC2020-TOOTH--
Note: Plastic and stainless steel 81X sprockets are also available upon request.

Additional 81X Sprocket Types

We also supply the below configurations for 81X sprockets.
81X Hooked Tooth Sprockets

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Style Outside Diameter Hub Diameter Length Thru Bore Stock Bore Max Bore
81X-B8RH 8 B 6.5" 2.375" 1.625" 1" 1.5"
81X-B8LH 8 B 6.5" 2.375" 1.625" 1" 1.5"

81X C-Hub Sprockets
Sprocket Size Tooth Count Style Outside Diameter Hub Diameter Length Thru Bore Stock Bore Max Bore
81XC7 7 C 5.75" 2.375" 2.375" 0.75" 1.5"
81XC8 8 C 6.75" 2.375" 2.375" 0.75" 1.5"
81XC9 9 C 7.438" 2.375" 2.375" 0.75" 1.5"

81X Star Gear Sprocket

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Style Outside Diameter Hub Diameter Length Thru Bore Stock Bore Max Bore
81X-SG510 10 B 4.484" 2.375" 2" 1" 1.5"

Please note that 81X sprockets work with a much wider variety of chains besides 81X series.

Cast sprockets are compatible with the following sizes: 75, 78, 88, H78, H79, BRH, 188, C188 conveyor chain, SS188, 78, MXS882, MSR1288, 433-1/2, H74, H75, H78A rooftop chain, H78B rooftop chain, H78SR, BRH188 conveyor chain, MW188RT, 488 pintle chain, SS578, and 81X.

Steel sprockets are compatible with the following sizes: 78, H74, 75, H75, H78LR, H75RT, H78SR, H79, 88, 188, S188, S78, R588, RR588, R778, RR778, 988, IS880, 87R, IS881, 81X, IS882, 433-1/2, LXS881, LXS886, US881, LXS887, LXS882, 488 pintle chain, XS578, SS188, C188 conveyor chain, US278R, US882, 578R, and 588R.

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81X 10-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 10-Tooth Plastic Sprocket 81X 11-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 12-Tooth Idler Sprocket
81X 12-Tooth Plastic Sprocket 81X 13-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 13-Tooth Plastic Sprocket 81X 14-Tooth Idler Sprocket
81X 14-Tooth Plastic Sprocket 81X 15-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 16-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 17-Tooth Idler Sprocket
81X 18-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 19-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 20-Tooth Idler Sprocket 81X 5-Tooth Plastic Sprocket
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Requesting 81X-Series Sprockets

To get a quote on 81X-Series Sprocket simply fill out the request for quote from and someone from our customer service team will contact you. Please note that if you don't see the sprocket size you need above send us an email or give us a call.

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