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Manure Spreader Pintle Chains

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers a premium quality manure spreader pintle chain that not only exceeds in strength and durability, but is extremely competitively priced. We stock 662, 667J, 667H, 667X, 667XH, 88K, 88C, 88XH, and even 308C size pintle chains for manure spreaders!

USARC Manure Spreader Pintle Chain Benefits

  • Fully heat treated parts
  • Alloy case hardened pins available
  • Quad staked rivets for maximum hold
  • Open barrel self cleaning design
  • High strength slats and welds

Stock 600-Class Manure Spreader Chains
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Sidebar Height (B) Sidebar Thickness (C) Pin Diameter (D) Weight
1.664" 11,000 LBS 0.720" 0.125" 0.281" 1.05 LBS/ FT
2.313" 12,500 LBS 0.875" 0.125" 0.312" 1.17 LBS/ FT
2.250" 21,000 LBS 0.938" 0.170" 0.437" 1.86 LBS/ FT
2.250" 28,000 LBS 1.050" 0.225" 0.465" 2.8 LBS/ FT
2.250" 20,600 LBS 0.937" 0.170" 0.375" 1.81 LBS/ FT
2.609" 29,000 LBS 1.063" 0.200" 0.437" 2.3 LBS/ FT
2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
3.075" 52,000 LBS 1.500" 0.315" 0.625" 5.65 LBS/ FT
Note: Additional information and dimensions available on product pages.

Manure Spreader Pintle Chain Sprockets

We also stock 667 and 88 size sprockets. When ordering a sprocket please specify hub type (A-plate, B-Hub, C-hub), bore size, tooth count, and sprocket material (steel or cast).

Other Manure Spreader Chain Styles

Other styles of manure spreader chains include T-Rod, T-Bar, and Steel Detachable Chains. We can supply these manure spreader chains as well. To get a quote contact our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519 and we will be happy to assist you.

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How to Size and Buy Manure Spreader Chain

To figure out what size and spreader configuration please use the above diagram and provide the below information.

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