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Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust ball bearings are designed specifically for axial loads and therefore should not be used in applications with any radial loads. A thrust ball bearing is made with a washer-like cage assembly for the balls between the raceways seating the balls in place. Double thrust bearings are built with two raceways and three washers making up the two cage assemblies and the separation between the two raceways. However, they can handle rotation in two directions. Thrust ball bearings are intended as permanent assemblies as they are not serviceable.

Ball thrust bearings are meant for axial loads only, which are the loads that are transmitted down the shaft, and radial loads will damage or destroy the bearing. Axial thrust bearings are used in applications such as propellers, power drills and any other application in which the load is supporting axially such as in a merry-go-round. They can be used in both low-speed and high-speed applications.

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