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Premium #140-3 Roller Chain - 10ft Box | Premier Series Chain

Premium 140-3 Roller Chain
Premium 140-3 Roller Chain

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Description Technical Specs
Premier Series #140-3 roller chain is a premium ANSI 140-3 triplex chain that is manufactured dimensionally to ANSI B29.1 specifications. The basic function of a roller chain is to transport mechanical power to the highest degree possible, the Premier Series selection of roller chains set the bar for this degree by providing superior strength, performance, and precision. Made from high-strength premium-grade steel, high-precision components that have been individually heat-treated shot-peened, and inspected for quality assurance, then assembled by being precisely riveted together this chain is manufactured to last.

Premier Series 140-3 Roller Chain Features

High-Strength heat-treated solid rollers to keep the cylindrical shape of the roller long term and for optimal chain performance.
Cold-Forged Solid Bushings made to precise roundness for greater strength and performance versus the standard split-bushing design.
Heat-Treated Parts (including pins) for added strength and surface hardness that results in longer working life.
Shot Peened Parts to alleviate stress concentrations and increase strength.
Wide-Waste Side-Plates for added fatigue resistance and reduction in progressive elongation.
Factory Preloading is the final process that results in a great reduction of stretch and ensures all components are properly aligned.
More specifically #140-3 triple strand roller chain has a 1-3/4" (1.75") pitch and is the tenth largest-sized roller chain in the ANSI lineup. Interestingly enough, you can always determine the pitch value of an ANSI chain by dividing the first number in the chain size by 8, fourteen divided by eight = 1.75". Applications for #140-3 roller chain include demanding heavy-duty plant machinery, construction machinery, mining, oil field, conveying and drive, as well as many more applications! The Premier Series 140-3 triple chain offers an industry-leading service life and dependability, with a high tensile strength of 145,800 LBS and a 22,700 LBS maximum working load this chain can be run in even toughest 140-3 chain applications. Something important to note about the two strength measurements is that tensile strength is the load in which the chain can be expected to break under certain conditions and working load is the maximum safe operating force for the day-to-day operation and is calculated taking many variables into consideration. As with any chain, it is imperative to utilize proper lubrication for the application and lubricating techniques, for more information on this visit our roller chain lubrication page.

Premier Series 140-3 Roller Chain Specifications

  • ANSI Chain Size: 140-3
  • Tensile Strength: 145,800 LBS
  • Working Load: 22,700 LBS
  • Pitch (P): 1.750"
  • Roller Diameter (D1): 1.000"
  • Width Between Inner Plates (B1): 1.000"
  • Pin Diameter (D2): 0.500"
  • Chain Pin Length (LR): 6.04"
  • Connecting Link Pin Length (LC): 6.34"
  • Inner Plate Height (H2): 1.61"
  • Plate Thickness (T): 0.219"
  • Chain Weight: 14.9 LBS/ FT
Download Premier Series Information PDF
Typically #140-3 triplex roller chain is supplied in 10ft boxes including one connecting link (master link). Besides 10ft boxes, we supply cut to length strands of Premier Series 140-3 roller chain upon request. For more information or to get a quote please contact our customer support staff and we will be happy to assist you.

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