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206KRRB6 Bearing 1" Hex Bore

206KRRB6 Bearing 1 Hex Bore
206KRRB6 Bearing 1" Hex Bore

Note: Directly Interchanges With Other Brands

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Description Technical Specs
This 206KRRB6 bearing has a 1" bore and is a high quality bearing manufactured for agricultural applications. It features a beveled outside diameter surface and is pre-lubricated. It directly interchanges with John Deere JD9313 and is found in round bailer sizes 385, 430, 435, 447, 456, 457, 458, 468, 468S, 530, 535, 556, 567, and 568. We also stock a full line of hex shafts, hex shaft couplers, hex collars, and hex weld on hubs.

206KRRB6 Bearing Dimensions

  • Bearing Size: 206KRRB6
  • Bore: 1.00"
  • Outside Diameter: 2.4409"
  • Outer Ring Width: 0.630"
  • Inner Ring Width: 0.945"

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About Us
    • High Quality Bearing
    • Extremely Durable
    • Has Hex Bore
    • Directly Interchangeable With Other Brands

1" Hex Shaft
1 Hex Shaft

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