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60H Heavy Roller Chain | 60H Chain - 10ft Box

60H Heavy Roller Chain | 60H Chain - 10ft Box
Economy Plus #60H Heavy Roller Chain

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Description Technical Specs
60H heavy roller chain is manufactured with the exact dimensional specifications as a regular 60 chain, except for the side plates. 60H chain has a side plate thickness of 0.125" versus the standard of 0.093". The additional 0.032" of material thickness on each sidebar gives the chain a notation of being heavy-duty, hence where the "H" comes from in the 60H chain part number. The addition of material provides the chain with a higher load capacity of 1,099 LBS regarding tensile strength; this also improves the chain's capabilities for shock-load and torque-demanding applications. Our 60H heavy roller chain is manufactured per ANSI B29.1 dimensional specifications, meaning it will directly interchange with other brands. As far as added performance base features, we equipped this chain with solid rollers, heat-treated components, shot-peened components, and a factory pre-load. 60H roller chain is available in 10ft boxes or 100ft reels, but if you need a custom length, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

60H Heavy Roller Chain Dimensions

  • Average Tensile Strength: 9,599 LBS
  • Alternative Part #s: 60HR, RC60H, 60H-1
Accuracy is imperative when measuring a precision roller chain; we recommend using calipers to ensure accurate measurements.

60H Roller Chain Features

  • - Each component on this 60H heavy roller chain has a consistent hardness due to a precision heat-treatment process. This improves wear life and overall chain strength.
  • - Our 60H chain has solid rollers, resulting in improved performance and extended working life.
  • - The link plates and rollers of this chain have been shot-peened after heat treatment; this increases the fatigue strength and decreases concentrated points of stress.
  • - Finally, our 60H chain has been factory pre-loaded, reducing initial stretch and ensuring all components are optimally aligned.

60H Roller Chain Information

  • It is crucial to ensure that you have clearance for the additional chain thickness (0.09" thicker) when upgrading an existing application from a 60 roller chain to a 60H roller chain.
  • In high-load or multi-directional applications, it is recommended to use sprockets with heat-treated teeth when using tooth counts of 30 or less.
  • For applications using a roller chain guide type with individual "grooves" or "channels" for the side plate, it is imperative to ensure enough clearance for the chain to properly seat in the guide with the thicker side plates. Example:
  • 60H roller chain will operate on standard single-strand sprockets; however, if you use a double-single (DS) sprocket, ensure enough clearance between the sprocket plates for both chains to operate. Double-Single sprocket example:
  • In more demanding applications or scenarios where chain replacement is difficult, we recommend reviewing our Premier Series 60H roller chain or SUPER 60H chains.

60H Roller Chain Applications

60 Heavy roller chain is used in a wide range of demanding drive applications; with its high-strength to small form factor ratio; it has become increasingly popular for roller chain dives.
60H chains are also used in various agricultural equipment, including; peanut harvesting, cotton harvesting, planters, bailers, corn gathering, and more!
For demanding conveying applications 60H chain provides ample "rest" area for moving products from one point to another.
Various types of construction equipment use 60H roller chains. However, if you need a 60H roller chain for a skid load application, refer to our SUPER 60H chain.

USA Roller Chain

Economy Plus #60H Heavy Connecting link Made in USA #60 Roller Chain Breaker Economy Plus #60H Heavy Roller Chain Offset link
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Economy Plus #60H Heavy Roller Chain Connecting link Made in USA #60 Roller Chain Breaker Economy Plus #60H Heavy Roller Chain Offset link

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