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SS150+ Chain

SS150 Steel Bushed Chain

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This SS150+ chain is a high quality, high strength steel bushed chain that is extremely durable. SS150+ Chain is ideal for operating in applications that are extremely gritty and or abrasive. The steel bushed chains we offer are engineered and manufactured using different types of steel to get the most use and strength out of the chain as possible. We also offer a complete selection of high quality SS150+ chain sprockets and attachments. For more information or to get a quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


  • Chain Size: SS150+
  • Pitch: 6.050
  • Overall Width (A): 6.41"
  • Dimension (B): 3.38"
  • Dimension (C): 3.03"
  • Inside Width (E): 3.31"
  • Bushing Diameter (D): 1.75"
  • Bushing Style: Double Flat
  • Bushing Material: Alloy Case-Hardened
  • Pin Diameter (G): 1.00"
  • Pin Material: Alloy Case-Hardened
  • Pin Style: Double Flat
  • Sidebar Height (H): 2.50"
  • Sidebar Thickness (T): 0.50"
  • Sidebar Material: Carbon Heat-Treated
  • Average Ultimate Strength: 100,000 LBS
  • Maximum Working Load: 15,100 LBS
  • Weight Per Foot: 16.6 LBS

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    • High Quality Chain
    • Extremely Durable
    • High Resistance to Abrasion
    • Ultra High Strength

SS150+ Connecting Link SS150+ Pin
SS150+ Connecting Link SS150+ Pin

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