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08B-3 Metric Roller Chain Sprockets

08B-3 roller chain sprockets are manufactured for metric 08B-3 roller chain and are manufactured in accordance with ISO, DIN, and BS228/3 standards. Our sprockets are precision manufactured from high-quality steel, directly interchange with other manufactures, and are engineered for superb performance and durability. Common styles of these sprockets include B-Hub, C-Hub, and taper bushed type but others are available upon request. The below charts show our standard sizes for 08B-3 sprockets, if you don't see the exact sprocket you need we also custom manufacture sprockets. To get a quote on 08B-3 sprockets or for more information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

08B-3 B-Hub Sprockets:

Sprocket Size
Tooth Count
Pitch Diameter
Stock Bore
Maximum Bore
Hub Diameter (H)
Length Thru Bore (L)
Sprocket Weight (kg)
E08B11 11 45.08mm 14mm 22mm 30mm 50mm 0.32
E08B12 12 49.07mm 14mm 24mm 34mm 50mm 0.45
E08B13 13 53.06mm 14mm 25mm 38mm 50mm 0.59
E08B14 14 57.07mm 14mm 28mm 42mm 50mm 0.72
E08B15 15 61.08mm 14mm 31mm 46mm 50mm 0.81
E08B16 16 65.10mm 16mm 35mm 50mm 50mm 0.90
E08B17 17 69.12mm 16mm 36mm 54mm 50mm 1.04
E08B18 18 73.14mm 16mm 38mm 58mm 50mm 1.22
E08B19 19 77.16mm 16mm 40mm 62mm 50mm 1.41
E08B20 20 81.18mm 16mm 40mm 66mm 50mm 1.58
E08B21 21 85.21mm 20mm 45mm 70mm 55mm 1.81
E08B22 22 89.24mm 20mm 45mm 70mm 55mm 2.03
E08B23 23 93.27mm 20mm 45mm 70mm 55mm 2.27
E08B24 24 97.30mm 20mm 50mm 75mm 55mm 2.44
E08B25 25 101.33mm 20mm 52mm 80mm 55mm 2.54
E08B26 26 105.36mm 20mm 56mm 85mm 55mm 2.85
E08B27 27 109.40mm 20mm 56mm 85mm 55mm 2.85
E08B28 28 113.43mm 20mm 60mm 90mm 55mm 3.16
E08B29 29 117.46mm 20mm 62mm 95mm 55mm 3.34
E08B30 30 121.50mm 20mm 64mm 100mm 55mm 3.48
E08B35 35 141.68mm 20mm 73mm 110mm 55mm 4.79
E08B36 36 145.72mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 55mm 5.43
E08B38 38 153.79mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 6.49
E08B42 42 169.94mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 7.17
E08B45 45 182.06mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 7.69
E08B48 48 194.18mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 8.20
E08B52 52 210.34mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 8.88
E08B54 54 218.43mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 9.22
E08B57 57 230.54mm 25mm 80mm 120mm 60mm 12.62
E08B60 60 242.66mm 25mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 13.84
E08B68 68 274.99mm 25mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 15.69
E08B72 72 291.15mm 25mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 16.61
E08B76 76 307.32mm 30mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 22.23
E08B84 84 339.65mm 30mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 24.57
E08B95 95 384.11mm 30mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 33.11
E08B114 114 460.91mm 30mm 85mm 130mm 65mm 41.90

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Requesting 08B-3 Sprockets

To get a quote on 08B-3 sprockets give us a call, send us an email, or fill out the request for quote form and someone from our customer service team will contact you.

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