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100H Heavy Roller Chain

100H chain is manufactured dimensionally to ANSI B29.1 standards and is a heavy-duty version of the standard 100 chains. The difference comes with the thickened side plates; the added side plate material improves wear life, shock load absorption, and overall durability. One important factor to consider when swapping a conventional 100 chain to a 100H heavy roller chain is that the heavy series is wider. Because of this, verifying that additional clearance is available in the application is essential. At its widest point (the connecting link) 100H chain is approximately 0.13" wider. Furthermore, the single-strand #100H heavy roller chain will operate on the sprockets as 100 chains. We supply 100H heavy-duty chains in standard stock lengths of 10ft boxes, but custom lengths are available upon request. For additional information or to get a quote, contact one of our sales team members, and we will be happy to assist you!
Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Diameter (D) Inner Width (e) Pin Dia. (d) Plate Thickness (T) Weight Per Foot (LBS)
100H 1.250" 0.750" 0.750" 0.375" 0.187" 3.0
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