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200H Heavy Roller Chain

200H roller chain is a heavy-duty 2.500" pitch chain designed for some of the most demanding roller chain applications in the world. 200H chain is dimensionally equivalent to a standard 200 roller chain, with the exception of having thicker side plates. Adding material improves strength, shock load absorption, and wear life while operating on standard-size 200 sprockets. One important thing to note if you are changing from a standard 200 chain to a 200H chain is due to the thicker side plates, the 200H roller chain is thicker in width (0.27" to be exact); please ensure that your current application has enough clearance for the additional width. We supply 200H heavy-duty roller chains in standard lengths of 10ft or custom lengths upon request, as riveted or cottered construction, and in two different quality levels (General Duty Plus & Premium). For additional information or to get a quote, contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!
Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Diameter (D) Inner Width (e) Pin Dia. (d) Plate Thickness (T) Weight Per Foot (LBS)
200H 2.500" 1.562" 1.500" 0.781" 0.375" 12.9
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