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28B-2 Metric Roller Chain Sprockets

28B-2 roller chain sprockets are manufactured for metric 28B-2 roller chain and is manufactured in accordance with ISO, DIN, and BS228 standards. All of our sprockets are precision manufactured from high-quality steel, and the majority of them are black oxide coated, and have hardened teeth on tooth counts 30 or less. Something important to know note is that on tooth counts 31 and up hardened teeth make little to no performance increase, this is why it is not standard. To get a quote on 28B-2 sprockets or for more information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

28B-2 B-Hub Sprockets

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Stock Bore Max. Bore Hub Diameter (H) Length Thru Bore (L) Weight (kg)
D28B11 11 157.77mm 40mm 73mm 112mm 120mm 10.21
D28B12 12 171.74mm 40mm 84mm 125mm 120mm 13.02
D28B13 13 185.74mm 40mm 84mm 130mm 120mm 16.00
D28B14 14 199.76mm 40mm 84mm 135mm 120mm 19.28
D28B15 15 213.79mm 40mm 87mm 145mm 120mm 22.91
D28B16 16 227.84mm 40mm 96mm 160mm 120mm 26.92
D28B17 17 241.91mm 40mm 108mm 178mm 120mm 30.83
D28B18 18 255.98mm 40mm 114mm 178mm 120mm 34.74
D28B19 19 270.06mm 40mm 114mm 178mm 120mm 38.93
D28B20 20 284.14mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 44.27
D28B21 21 298.24mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 45.08
D28B22 22 312.34mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 48.15
D28B23 23 326.44mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 51.59
D28B24 24 340.54mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 55.03
D28B25 25 354.65mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 58.47
D28B26 26 368.77mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 64.06
D28B28 28 397.00mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 76.05
D28B30 30 425.24mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 89.16
D28B32 32 453.49mm 40mm 133mm 178mm 120mm 103.38

28B-2 C-Hub Sprockets

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Stock Bore Max. Bore Hub Diameter (H) Length Thru Bore (L) Weight (kg)
D28C38 38 537.27mm 40mm 133mm 191mm 159mm 97.53
D28C40 40 566.54mm 40mm 137mm 191mm 159mm 109.47
D28C45 45 637.22mm 40mm 137mm 191mm 159mm 137.32
D28C48 48 679.63mm 40mm 137mm 191mm 159mm153.61
D28C54 54 764.47mm 40mm 162mm 241mm 181mm 204.44
D28C57 57 806.89mm 40mm 162mm 241mm 181mm 210.02
D28C60 60 849.32mm 40mm 162mm 241mm 181mm 230.82
D28C68 68 962.47mm 40mm 162mm 241mm 181mm 273.98
D28C72 72 1019.04mm 40mm 162mm 241mm 181mm 305.70
D28C76 76 1075.62mm 40mm 162mm 241mm 181mm 323.56

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