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50 Poly Steel Roller Chain

50 poly steel chain is a 0.625" (5/8") pitch ANSI roller chain manufactured with a combination of polymer block links and stainless steel pin links. Poly steel chains are used in various scientific, space, medical, food, and other applications. Our precision-manufactured 50PC poly steel chains are constructed from top-tier material grades for elongated performance and dependability!

50 Poly Steel Chain Dimensions

Chain Size Pitch (P) Inside Width (J) Overall Width (W) Bushing Dia. (O) Pin Dia. (D) Inner Plate Thickness (t) Outer Plate Thickness (T) Block Link Height (H) Pin Link Height (U) Max. Load (LBS) Weight (LBS/ FT)
50PS 0.625" 0.375" 0.878" 0.400" 0.200" 0.080" 0.080" 0.591" 0.512" 154 0.390

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