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80H roller chain

80H Roller Chain

80H roller chain is one of the most common ANSI heavy roller chain sizes and often goes by 80H chain, 80 heavy-duty chain, or 80H heavy chain. Our selection of 80H roller chains includes riveted and cottered construction, Economy, General Duty, premium quality options, and packaging lengths of 10' boxes or 50ft reels. 80H heavy roller chains are commonly found in applications such as; agriculture, industrial drives, plant machinery, and construction equipment. 80H roller chains are unique because they feature thicker side plates, resulting in higher working loads and improved ability to absorb shock while still being able to operate on the same sprockets! One thing to consider when switching from an 80 regular roller chain to an 80H heavy chain is that the overall width of the chain is wider; the standard 80 chain is 1.54" overall in width at the connecting link (the widest part of a chain assembly) while 80H chain is 1.67" overall width at the connecting link, which is an added 0.13".

80H Roller Chain For Sale

General Duty Plus 80H Roller Chain - 10ft Box

General Duty Plus 80H Roller Chain


Price=$224.99/ box

The general duty plus 80H roller chain is a high-quality roller chain that is great for most standard applications across the industrial and agricultural spectrum. These chains are made to provide a great service life and performance at a value cost!

Premium 80H Roller Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 80H Roller Chain


Price=$409.99/ box

Premium 80H roller chains are made from the highest quality and highest precision components, featuring solid bushings and rollers, through-hardened pins, and wide contour side plates. This chain provides the best performance and longevity out of any other standard 80H chain!

Premium 80H Cottered Roller Chain - 10ft Box

Premium 80H Cottered Roller Chain


Price=$499.99/ box

Premium cottered 80H chain has all the same features as the riveted, just with removable cotter keys for easy disassembly or re-assembly in the field.

80H Roller Chain Dimensions

80h chain side
80h Chain top
Part # Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Dia. (E) Weight (LBS/ Ft.) Premier Series General Duty Plus
80H 1.000" 0.625" 0.625" 1.67" 0.940" 0.156" 0.312" 2.1 LBS Info Info

Bulk #80H Roller Chain


We also supply 80H roller chains in 50ft or 100ft lengths for your bulk needs as a standard. However, custom lengths of 80H chain are also available upon request! Click the "GET A QUOTE" button below to fill out and submit a request form directly to our dedicated customer service team!


80H roller chain is one of the most common heavy-duty roller chain sizes in the power transmission industry. Ranging from agricultural applications to demanding industrial and machinery applications, our 80H roller chain is used worldwide!

Common Applications for 80H Heavy Duty Roller Chain Include:
  • Agricultural applications, such as implement planters, drives, bailers, and gatherers.
  • Plant machinery, such as drives, conveyors, and hoist mechanisms
  • Heavy Equipment such as skid steers, loaders, and cranes
  • Mixers, pump drives, and offset weight suspenders
  • Cotton gins and grain applications
  • Drive and conveying applications.

Roller Chain 80 vs 80H

When comparing a standard 80 roller chain with an 80H roller chain, the primary difference is the side-plate thickness, resulting in a larger overall width. Adding material to the side plates gives the 80H roller chain superior capabilities in shock load absorption and horsepower rating. An 80H roller chain will consistently outperform a standard 80 chain in applications with high loads and/or higher-than-normal shock loads being applied to the chain. See the comparative chart below for strength, cost, and dimensional differences.

Value Plate Thickness Overall Chain Width Tensile Strength Weight Per Foot Premier Series (Premium) Cost
80 Standard 0.125" 1.54" 17,650 LBS 1.80 LBS $239.99
80H Heavy 0.156" 1.67" 18,480 LBS 2.10 LBS $409.99
Difference +0.031" +0.13" +830 LBS +0.3 LBS +71%

Riveted vs Cottered 80H Chain

riveted 80H roller chainVS.cottered 80H roller chain
Riveted construction 80H roller chain is considered the "standard"; it is assembled by use of rivets on both sides of the chain, which provides the greatest amount of holding power for the assembled chain as a whole. 80H cottered roller chain is riveted on one side with cotter keys on the other; this makes it easier to disassemble the chain but costs more. For ease of breaking the 80H riveted chain, we recommend using our CB2 80 chain breaker tool!

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