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E-Line Laser

E-Line Lasers are manufactured to be an economic solution to some of the other the higher-priced Diode Laser brands. With many years of industrial laser experience Connexus Industries, Inc. produced the E-Line lasers for budget applications. Though they aren't high-priced, they do offer premium features such as a premium aluminum housing, self-contained unit, and optics that are housed in a sealed cell to provided added protection against contaminants.

Configurations Available:
  • 5mW - 20 mW Red Light Models
  • 5mW - 10mW Green Models
Note: green appears 4 - 5 times brighter to the human eye than red

E-Line Laser Specifications

Laser Type - Visible Laser Diode
Laser Composition - Semiconductor InGalP
Laser Class - II, IIIa
Wavelength - 520nm - 635nm
Output 5mW - 20mW
Beam Angle - Per Line Length
Operating Voltage - Red 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, Green 5VDC
Operating Current - 100 - 200 ma
Operating Temperature - -10°C to +40°C
Mechanical Shock - 90V for 250 ms
Resistance - 300G for 1 ms
Housing - Nickel Plated
Environmental - NEMA 2 (or NEMA 4)
Dimension - 0.75" Diameter X 4.875" Length

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Requesting E-Line Lasers

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