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LAHARCO laser is one of the most well-known laser brands in the industry with proven performance and value. Using a LAHARCO laser increases productivity and profits.

Benefits of a LAHARCO laser:

Powerline Lens, which is a specially designed lens that transforms the laser beam into a projected laser line, even in width and intensity from end to end, thus eliminating the problem of a projected line that is wider in the middle and fades towards the ends. Because of the quality of the lens and professional alignment procedures, this laser produces a "string-straight" line, second to none in the entire industry.
User Adjustable Intensity, which allows mill personnel to not only install the laser but to fine-tune the projected laser for maximum operator visibility, also allowing a far easier and effective mounting.
Versatility, because these lasers are available in a wide range of models for your optimum mounting configuration. LAHARCO has the larges assortment of lenses to meet the needs of your application.
Laser Heads, the laser heads on LAHARCO lasers are mounted with special shock absorbing materials and are quality checked and tested every time to meet the LAHARCO exacting standards for power output, thus benefiting the user with greater reliability and longer overall life.
Power Supply, these units are mounted with hyper-advanced heat sinks and are installed with special protections against dirty line currents which is a major cause of power supply failure.
Superior Construction Throughout, from the extremely durable rugged schedule 40 Anodized aluminum housing to the soldered electrical connections to the airtight seal on each laser. LAHARCO lasers are manufactured with every attention to detail to produce the industries highest reliability laser that is backed by a full warranty.

LAHARCO Laster Features and Models

Laser Power Designations:
LAHARCO lasers are available in 5mW, 10mW, and 17mW powers. The laser's power that is measured in milliwatts (mW) represents the power level of the laser's "end of life". For example, a 5mW laser will have an output power up to 10.3mW when new. With these lasers, you can be sure that you are getting the highest average output power and that you're getting the highest quality laser available.

Focusing Lines:

For higher powered lasers there is focusing lines for maximum viewing brightness. The focusing feature also allows the line to be widened for camera viewing and other special applications.

Power Requirement - 12VDC/115AC/220VAC/60Hz
Power Consumption - Less than 50 watts
Output Power - 5mW (milliwatts)
Ambient Temperatures - -40° to 50° C
Environmental Vibration - Exceeds industry standards
Weight - 5.5 pounds
Dimensions - 2-1/4" diameter x 25.5" length
Light Source - Helium/ Neon Laser
Casing - Anodized aluminum

LAHARCO Green Diode Laser

The LAHARCO GTD Series high powered green laser is made for applications with bright lighting or where standard lasers are difficult to see. The GTD series lasers project brilliant bright lines that operators can easily see, they are also equipped with thermal electric cooling (TEC) which keeps the output power stable even in extreme temperatures.

Common Applications:
  • OEM Industrial Equipment
  • Steel Plate Cutting
  • Sawmill Equipment
  • Furniture and Woodworking
  • Textile Processing
  • Stone Cutting
  • Machine Vision Cameras, Scanning, and Optimizing
  • Medical Equipment

The primary benefits of using a green laser are higher accuracy, maximize yield, minimize waste and overall greater productivity. Additional benefits include a nickel plated finish, full warranty, 3-day repair turnaround, and specially designed optics.

  • Power stability better than +/- 5% over 8-hours
  • Thermal electric cooling (TEC) provides a wider operating temperature range
  • Rugged industrial packaging
  • One piece housing entirely self-contained
  • 12-month warranty from date of shipment
  • Warm up time <5 minutes
  • Bore sighted beam
  • Focused beam for each application


Wavelength: 532nm
Environmental: Meets NEMA, water resistance
Beam Angle: 10-90°
Powers Available: 10-30mW
Operating Current: 1.5 AMP
Housing: Aluminum - Nickle Plated
Dimensions: 1-3/8" Diameter X 12" Length
Weight: 2 LBS
Operating Temperatures: -20°C - +45°C (-4° - +113°)
Operating Voltage: 5-24 VDC, 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz (1.5 – 2.4 VDC TTL)
Output Mode: Gaussian TEM00
Beam Profile: 1mm Round Bea 1/E2

LAHARCO Laser Applications

Typical applications for these lasers include edgers, log cutoff, plywood layup, trim sawing, head rig, optimizers and camera vision, grading lines, photo-electronics, and many more.

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