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RS Series Chain

RS Series Roller Chains are at the top of the food chain when it comes to quality, performance, and value. What these chains offer that is above other "standard duty" roller chains is solid bushings/ solid rollers (SBR) configuration, extreme precision, ultra high strengths, extended working life, and premium quality. Most industrial grade roller chains don't have a solid bushing solid roller configuration, the big plus of having solid bushing/ solid roller chain is the performance and strength factor. It has been proven that a SBR chain offers exceptionally high strengths and a much longer service life in both slow and high speed applications due to the seamless design, decrease in friction, and better tolerances.

Below is our RS Series chain size chart, each part number is clickable and will take you to the specific product page.

RS Series chain size chart
Chain SizePitch (P)Roller Width (W)Roller Diameter (D)Overall Width (F)Plate Height (H)Plate Thickness (T)Pin Diameter (E)Tensile StrengthWeight (Per Ft)
RS250.250"0.125"0.130"0.350"0.228"0.029"0.091"1,000 LBS0.09 LBS
RS350.375"0.188"0.200"0.510"0.356"0.050"0.141"2,530 LBS0.22 LBS
RS400.500"0.312"0.312"0.690"0.475"0.058"0.156"4,290 LBS0.42 LBS
RS410.500"0.250"0.306"0.580"0.390"0.050"0.141"2,420 LBS0.28 LBS
RS500.625"0.375"0.400"0.852"0.594"0.079"0.200"6,930 LBS0.68 LBS
RS600.750"0.500"0.469"1.048"0.712"0.093"0.234"9,900 LBS0.97 LBS
RS801.000"0.625"0.625"1.369"0.950"0.125"0.312"17,360 LBS1.71 LBS
RS1001.250"0.750"0.750"1.730"1.188"0.157"0.375"26,620 LBS2.65 LBS
RS1201.500"1.000"0.875"2.202"1.425"0.189"0.437"37,400 LBS3.79 LBS
RS1401.750"1.000"1.000"2.325"1.663"0.219"0.500"48,400 LBS4.96 LBS
RS1602.000"1.250"1.125"2.751"1.901"0.255"0.563"60,500 LBS6.32 LBS
RS1802.250"1.406"1.406"3.079"2.130"0.283"0.687"81,400 LBS9.04 LBS
RS2002.500"1.500"1.562"3.344"2.376"0.312"0.782"105,600 LBS10.31 LBS
RS2403.000"1.875"1.875"4.070"2.850"0.375"0.937"154,000 LBS16.40 LBS

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