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WD110 Drag Chain

WD110 chain is used as a drag roller chain on various types of conveyors. It can be used for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications, such as sugar processing, grain handling and lumber machinery. Designed to withstand a breaking load of 55,000 lbs., the WD110 drag chain is made with high-quality welded steel and features durable link construction to provide lasting performance and reliable operation. The 11 3/4" overall width and 6” link pitch of this welded steel drag chain make it suitable for heavy-duty conveyors that require increased carrying capacity. In addition to standard WD110 drag chain, we also offer its reverse barrel modification as well as WD110 chain sprockets and pins.

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This WD110 Drag Chain Is A High Quality and High Strength Welded Steel Drag Chain. For Pricing & Availability On WD110 Drag Chain Please Contact Us!