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828 Series Plastic Chain

We have a complete line of high-quality reduced plate gap 828 Series Slat Top Plastic Chain (Table Top) in stock. 828 Series chain is typically manufactured out of homopolymer delrin, delrin reinforced with kevlar, or an anti abrasive polyamide. This chain has a 1.575" back-flex radius, 450LB tensile strength, and features stainless steel pins for added strength.

820 Series Chain Size Chart
Chain SizePitch (P)Width (W)Weight LBS/ FTMin. Radius (R)Plate ThicknessWorking Load
UP828KD3251.50"3.25"0.681.575"0.16"450 LBS
UP828KRA8381.50"3.30"0.691.575"0.16"450 LBS
UP828KG4501.50"4.50"0.791.575"0.16"450 LBS
D2K828KD3251.50"3.25"0.681.575"0.16"450 LBS
D2K828KRA8381.50"3.30"0.691.575"0.16"450 LBS
D2K828KG4501.50"4.50"0.791.575"0.16"450 LBS
AR828KD3251.50"3.25"0.661.575"0.16"450 LBS
AR828KG4501.50"4.50"0.751.575"0.16"450 LBS

In addition to the 828 series chains we also stock 828 table top chain sprockets. Our sprockets are manufactured to be extremely durable, high performance, and they interchange with most other brands.

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