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Roller chain Sprockets

Roller chain sprockets are the driving force behind every roller chain in power transmission. Our sprockets are manufactured for optimal performance and durability. Every tooth on our premium roller chain sprockets has been precision machined to perfectly mate with the chain roller and provide the perfect harmony between chain and sprocket. We pride ourselves on offering the most extensive sprocket selection in the world, including roller chain sprockets made from polymers or stainless steel. Our ANSI sprockets range from 0.25" pitch (#25) up through 3.00" pitch (#240), and metric chains from 5.0mm (03B) to 88.9mm (56B), in various configurations and chain strand widths up to twelve wide! With so many options out there when it comes to roller chain sprockets we supply our clients with a genuine tier-one product, a sprocket that genuinely outlasts and out-performs what others would consider the standard.

Roller Chain Sprocket Types

When it comes down to the types of sprockets, there are a wide array of variations. The below table shows the standard roller chain sprocket types we supply. Additional types are also available upon request.

A-Plate Sprockets B-Hub Sprockets C-Hub Sprockets Taper Bushed Sprockets QD-Bushed Sprockets
Weld On Hub Sprockets Multi-Strand Sprockets Split Sprockets Double Pitch Sprockets Double-Single Sprockets
Idler Sprocket Coupler Sprockets Shear-Pin Sprockets Plastic Sprockets Stainless Steel Sprockets