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Rollerless Chain

Rollerless Chain

A rollerless chain, or a rollerless hoist chain, utilizes the same dimensions as standard ANSI roller chains but without a roller. This series of chains is commonly used for hoist applications like elevators, lifts, cranes, and more. Our rollerless chains are top-tier quality and utilize precision components that have been heat-treated and shot-peened for fatigue resistance and added strength. Additionally, these chains feature specialty hardened pins and have been factory pre-loaded to reduce elongation over time significantly. We supply these chains in lengths of 10ft and 50ft along with chean breakers and master links. For more information or to get a quote on our high-quality rollerless chains, contact our customer service team, and we will gladly assist you!

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Standard Rollerless Chains

The four most common sizes of rollerless chains include 55RLS, 65RLS, 85RLS, and 105RLS. The chains are designated being rollerless by having the last digit in the part number as "5", we also supply custom-sized rollerless chains in bulk quantities.

55 Rollerless Chain - 10ft Box


Price=$149.99/ box

55 roller less chain has a 5/8" pitch and a tensile strength of 6,620 LBS .

65 Rollerless Chain - 10ft Box


Price=$179.99/ box

65 rollerless chain has a 3/4" pitch and a 9,270lb tensile strength.

85 Rollerless Chain - 10ft Box


Price=$199.99/ box

85 rollerless chain has a 1" pitch and a 15,880lb tensile strength.

105 Rollerless Chain - 10ft Box


Price=$349.99/ box

105 rollerless chain has a 25,360lb tensile strength and is the largest standard size rollerless chain we stock with a 1-1/4" pitch!