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Coated Citrus Chain | C2060H W/ 9/16" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd - 10FT

Coated C2060H W/ 9/16" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd


Product Code: C2060H-COATED-CITRUS-CHAIN-916
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Description Technical Specs
This coated citrus chain is a C2060H with a 9/16" X 1-5/8" D-5 extended pin attachment placed every 2nd pitch on the pin links; we also offer this chain with the 1/2" diameter D-5 pin type. What makes coated chains unique is their ability to withstand corrosive and abrasive environments for extended periods and their economical price point compared to the stainless citrus chains. Our coated citrus chain is meticulously manufactured using precision carbon steel components that are individually coated, then assembled. Coating the individual components before assembly ensures that the chain is completely sealed and that there are no spots that are not coated. Additionally, we use a specific baking process that cures the coating onto a chain to eliminate cracks in the layer, even at the micro level. Our premium coated citrus chain with 1/2" D5 attachments is found in citrus and produce packing houses worldwide; the proven design of this chain continues to be the go-to for packing houses worldwide! At USA Roller Chain, we are honored to play our part in the processes that gets produce from farm to table. To elongate the working life of our coated citrus chain, which improves production, we implemented solid rollers, heat-treated pins, and a factory pre-load on this chain. For additional information or a quote on our high-quality C2060H coated chain with a 9/16" diameter D5, contact our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

9/16" X 1-5/8" D-5 Coated Citrus Chain Dimensions

  • Part #: C2060HCOAT-D5-EV2-12
  • Pitch (P): 1.500"
  • Roller Width (R): 0.495"
  • Roller Diameter (D): 0.469"
  • Overall Width (W): 1.189"
  • Connecting Link Width Without Pin (X): 1.354"
  • Plate Height (H): 0.707"
  • Pin Diameter (L): 0.234"
  • D-5 Pin Projection (K): 1.625"
  • D-5 Pin diameter (V): 0.500"
  • Weight: 1.20 LBS/ FT
  • For 1/2" Diameter D-5 Attachment Click Here
Coated Citrus Chain Corrosion Resistance
From an anti-corrosion point of view, coated citrus roller chains are an excellent choice! Below is a salt-spray test conducted for 250 hours on coated and nickel-plated chains. As you can see, the coated roller chain only shows slight signs of corrosion at 250 hours, while the nickel-plated chain shows significant corrosion at only 150 hours. Something important to keep in mind is that coated chains are still not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel; once the coating wears off, the bare carbon steel will begin to rust.
Nickel Plated Chain at 150 Hours of Salt Spray:

Coated Chain at 250 Hours of Salt Spray:

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Citrus Products
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Manufactured Per ANSI Standards
    • Directly Interchangeable With Other Brands
    • Supplied As a 10ft Box With One Connecting Link
    • 9/16" D-5 Attachment With Anti Pin Roll Design
    • Solid Rollers
    • Heat-Treated Pins, Sidebars, Bushings, & Rollers
    • Riveted Construction

Coated Citrus Chain | C2060H W/ 1/2" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd - 10FT
Coated C2060H W/ 1/2" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd - 10FT

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