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DHA Hardened-Pin #41 Roller Chain

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Discover the hard-to-find DHA-treated #41 roller chain designed specifically for environments with high concentrations of industrial dust. DHA-treated roller chain can withstand early wear caused by dust, but this type of chain might be one of those coveted products difficult to find anywhere else, both offline and online. To accommodate the demanding needs of your manufacturing process, we are pleased to stock this hardened-pin #41 roller chain for dusty environments. Browse through our selection of DHA-treated #41 roller chain, offset links and connecting components


DHA-treated #41 roller chain is a premium product for good reason. It's resistant to corrosion and harsh conditions. Even dust isn't an obstacle for the moving parts. The materials, design and finishing techniques ultimately reveal a hardened-pin #41 roller chain of superior quality. Add these components to your high-speed assemblies, or try them out in extreme conditions. USA Roller Chain stands behind each product. The hardened and treated steel will hold up under heat and natural-oil exposure, which improves productivity over time. Stock up on DHA #41 roller chain for dusty environments with an easy order from USA Roller Chain today. Call (407) 347-3519 now!