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40-3 Roller Chain

Triple strand roller chain (also known as triplex) is typically used in heavy-duty industrial power transmission applications that require a high-strength ANSI roller chain. Our 40-3 roller chain is dimensionally manufactured per ANSI B29.1 and ISO standards so it directly interchanges with other manufacturers. We stock Economy Plus, and Premier series of #40-3 triple roller chain. Check out the chart below to see the differences between each one.

Tensile Strength
Working Load
Solid Rollers
Solid Bushings
Shot Peened
Hardened Pins
11,200 LBS -- Y N Y Y N Y
12,870 LBS 2,090 LBS Y Y Y Y Y Y
Note: All of our ANSI 40-3 triple roller chains are supplied with solid rollers for increased long-term performance, regardless of quality level.

Split vs. Solid

Solid rollers drastically increase the overall working life of a roller chain because it is the first and primary point of contact between the chain and sprocket. Split rollers have the tendency to deform quickly and cause further wear.
Solid bushings decrease the amount of internal friction on the roller chain and even after long-term use, solid bushings keep their form. This further increases the working life and durability of a chain, and will greatly perform superiorly in medium to high-speed applications.

USA Roller Chain & Sprockets is thrilled to introduce our premium 40-3 Roller Chain, a heavy-duty roller chain solution designed to excel in a variety of industrial applications. Our ANSI roller chain is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional durability and reliability, catering to the needs of industries that demand robust power transmission components.

When you choose our 40-3 Roller Chain, you are investing in a triple strand roller chain that guarantees superior performance and longevity. Crafted from high-quality materials, our industrial chains are built to withstand rigorous operating conditions, ensuring seamless operation, reduced downtime, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Our 40-3 Roller Chain finds applications across various industries that require heavy-duty power transmission solutions. Some of the top industries that utilize our 40-3 Roller Chain include:

Agriculture: Our 40-3 Roller Chain is commonly used in agricultural equipment such as combines, harvesters, and balers, where reliable power transmission is vital to maintain operational efficiency during demanding farming processes.

Manufacturing: In the manufacturing sector, our 40-3 Roller Chain is deployed in assembly lines, conveyor systems, and packaging machinery, delivering consistent power transmission to keep production processes running smoothly.

Construction: The construction industry relies on our 40-3 Roller Chain for heavy construction equipment, including cranes, concrete mixers, and excavators, where durable and reliable power transmission components are essential for safe and efficient operation.

Mining: Mining operations utilize our 40-3 Roller Chain in equipment like conveyors, crushers, and elevators, requiring robust chains capable of withstanding harsh environments and heavy loads.

Forestry: In the forestry sector, our 40-3 Roller Chain is utilized in equipment such as sawmills, debarkers, and logging machinery, where rugged chains are essential for optimal performance in challenging conditions.

USA Roller Chain & Sprockets is dedicated to providing high-performance triple roller chains like our 40-3 Roller Chain to meet the diverse needs of industries that rely on heavy-duty power transmission components. Trust in our triplex chain to deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and longevity, ensuring that your industrial operations run smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about how our 40-3 Roller Chain can benefit your specific industry applications.

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