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35B40 - Finished-Bore 40-Tooth Sprockets for #35 Roller Chain

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Finished-bore sprockets for ANSI roller chain aren't difficult to find at USA Roller Chain. Choose from the most popular sizes, including 3/4-inch, 5/8-inch and 7/8-inch. Our stock even supports 1-inch to 1-1/4-inch sizes. Each 40-tooth sprocket #35 chain product can be customized even further. Tell us about your application to get the order fulfilled to your specifications.

We're proud of the high-quality steel that's inherent to each 40-tooth sprocket. You'll never find compromised materials. In fact, we carefully inspect our standard and bored-to-size sprockets so that your machinery can improve its productivity. Every 40-tooth sprocket for #35 chain comes with ANSI-Standard specifications and black-oxidized coatings. This design reduces slippage upon every turn. Installation is also easy with a keyway and two set screws that standardize the process. Explore USA Roller Chain's stock today so that your machinery has spare parts tomorrow.