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60H Heavy Roller Chain

#60H heavy roller chain is one of the most common sizes of ANSI heavy series roller chains. It has a 3/4" pitch (center of one pin to the center of the next) and thicker side plates than a traditional 60 roller chain (0.125" vs. 0.094"). This results in a roller chain that can stand up to higher shock loads and have a longer wear life. The 60H roller chain is commonly used in agricultural equipment, heavy-duty conveyors, and lift systems. We keep this chain in stock in three different quality levels; Economy Plus, General Duty Plus, and Premier Series.
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60H Roller Chain Dimensions

Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Diameter (D) Inner Width (e) Pin Dia. (d) Plate Thickness (T) Weight Per Foot (LBS)
60H 0.750" 0.469" 0.500" 0.234" 0.125" 1.16

60 vs 60H roller chain

The main difference when comparing a 60H roller chain with a standard 60 chain is the thickness of the side plates. The added material improves the chain's strength, wear life, and shock load absorption capabilities. Many 60H chains are used in agricultural equipment, plant machinery, construction equipment, and more!
  • Tensile Strength: Premium 60H roller chain = 10,340 LBS Vs. Premium 60 standard chain = 10,000 LBS (340 LBS Difference)
  • Working Load: Premium 60H roller chain = 2,500 LBS Vs. Premium 60 standard chain = 2,470 LBS (30 LBS Difference)
  • Side-Plate Thickness: Premium 60H roller chain = 0.125" Vs. Premium 60 standard chain = 0.094" (+0.031" Difference)
  • Overall Chain Thickness: Premium 60H roller chain = 1.36" Vs. Premium 60 standard chain = 1.23" (+0.31" Difference)
Something important to note: when upgrading from a standard 60 chain to a 60H roller chain, ensure you have added clearance to accept the wider chain.

Which 60H Roller Chain is Right For You?

When considering what quality of 60H you should get it's important to keep three things in mind; application speed, what you want out of the chain, and application dust/ debris content.

When it comes to high speed applications which is most commonly agricultural equipment we recommend using General Duty Plus quality. The reasoning is, is that this chain is made for high-speed applications. The pins of this chain are case hardened and have the highest outside rockwell hardness across all three quality levels along with heat-treated bushings, rollers, and side-plates. Having a harder pin will eliminate stretch for most pieces of equipment, along with the heat treated pins, rollers, and side-plates, and all general duty plus roller chains are pre-stretched at the factory. Without excessive chain stretching you have a lot less wear on the components and the chain will simply hold up better.

When it comes to what you want out of a roller chain don't expect an Economy Chinese chain to preform as good as a USA, Japanese, or Taiwanese roller chain. If you're looking for the strongest 60H roller chain you can get we recommend spending the little extra and going with our Premier Series. As long as your application is not high-speed the premier series will preform as good as if not better than any other premium roller chain out there. Then General Duty Plus roller chain is the best "bang for your buck", if you're looking for a good solid roller chain to get you through the season or hold up better than some junk chain you bought somewhere else then the General Duty Plus will meet those expectations. However, our Economy Plus Series roller chains are not bad chains. In light to general industrial applications they hold up good for what they are and the don't break the bank. If you're looking to save money and get by with a roller chain the Economy Plus Series chains are still dependable.

If your application has a lot of dust and debris then maybe a standard heavy series roller chain isn't the best option for you. We offer a special series of roller chain that isn't going to break the bank and will out last and out preform a standard roller chain 10X over in some applications. It has a special design that keeps dirt out and keeps the chain lube inside. It can also be considered a maintenance free or self lubricating roller chain just with a different design. This series of chain will also run on your existing sprockets! To find out more contact our customer support department.

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