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Finished-Bore 8-Tooth Sprockets for #35 Roller Chain, 35B8

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Protect your assemblies from breakdowns with finished-bore sprockets in your stock from our vast collection. USA Roller Chain & Sprockets is proud to carry 8-tooth sprocket parts that come with high-quality steel and our quality-assured guarantee. The standard bore is always in stock, but we customize your order whenever necessary. Simply place your order for an 8-tooth sprocket #35 chain, and we'll prioritize its creation.

Each tooth on our sprockets for 35 chain has a precise cut from our manufacturing partners. Every order that leaves our facility goes through a thorough check so that you can get your system up and running in no time. The 8-tooth sprocket 35 chain should catch and remain meshed with your assemblies at all times. Give our team a call today if you don't see your exact part. We'll find the right match within our inventory.