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Premium Expansion Tanks From Zilmet

Expansion tanks (also commonly known as expansion vessels) are used in a broad range of applications from domestic, automotive, and industrial. These tanks are used in closed systems to protect the system from excessive pressure, or to help keep an even pressure in larger pump applications. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is a direct authorized distributor for Zilmet, who is one of the oldest and largest expansion tank manufactures in the world. Zilmet is based in Italy but has stocking locations in the USA.

On top of expansion tanks we can also supply the accessories that go with them as well as heating vessels. We service the general public as well as large global manufacturing companies and re-sellers. To get a quote on expansion tanks or for more information contact our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519 and we will be happy to assist you.