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Double-Row Deep-Groove Ball Bearings

Double-row deep-groove ball bearings are designed with two adjacent but slightly offset balls situated in deep grooves between two races. From a design standpoint, this is very similar to two single-row ball bearings mounted against each other. Double-row radial ball bearings can carry a load greater than that of single-row ball bearings and therefore can be used in applications that require a greater carrying load. When compared to a single-row ball bearing, a double-row ball bearing is slightly smaller in width than two single-row ball bearings combined. Double-row ball bearing uses also include applications in which a high temperature or low noise is required. Sealed double-row deep-groove ball bearings may increase the time between maintenance tasks and reduce downtime for repairs, as the bearing is sealed and therefore shielded from debris entering between the races. A double-row deep-groove ball bearing may be used for power transmission or in wheels, belt tensioners or fans.

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