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IWIS Roller Chain Accessories

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Premium Leaf Chain Breaker Tool Premium Leaf Chain Breaker Tool

This new and innovative leaf chain breaker tool make breaking leaf chain a very simple task. It splits chains and removes chain hydraulically for AL, BL, LL, LH, and even roller chains with a pitch range of 1/2" up to 2". This chain breaker is extremely durable, robust, heavy-duty, and was designed to last! Additionally, we offer a full line of General Duty Plus & Premium leaf chains at really great prices, along with a full line of industrial roller chains and more! For more information or to get a quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Iwis VP6 Kombi Superplus Spray Iwis VP6 Kombi Superplus Spray (Chain Lube)

Proper roller chain lubrication is essential in many applications and also drastically improves the life of a roller chain. Due to all of the moving components in a roller chain the initial lubricant is gradually used up exposing the roller chain to more friction which results in a much faster wear rate. But it's not just about proper lubrication with roller chain, it's also about the type of lubricant you use. The Iwis VP6 Kombi Superplus Spray is engineered to increase the life of the chain and keep it from experiencing more friction. This lubricant is a high-adhesion, high temperature chain oil that can be used in a vary wide range of industrial chain applications. Some of the advantages with this chain lube are; very high temperature stability, low evaporation, very good adhesion properties, good penetration despite high viscosity, and extreme high wear protection. For more information on Iwis VP6 Kombi Superplus Spray or to get a quote please contact us.

Technical Information

Base Oil: Synthetic Hydrocarbon Oil
Color: Green, Transparent
Viscosity: Approximately 1800-2200 mm/s at 40
° C
Operation Tempiture: 0
° C - 250° C

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Our Price: $56.99