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35-4 Roller Chain

Quadruple strand roller chain (also known as triplex) is typically used in heavy-duty industrial power transmission applications that require a high-strength ANSI roller chain. Our 35-4 roller chain is dimensionally manufactured per ANSI B29.1 and ISO standards so it directly interchanges with other manufacturers. We stock Economy Plus and Premier series of #35-4 quad roller chain. Check out the chart below to see the differences between each one.

The 35-4 Roller Chain from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets is a durable and high-quality roller chain designed for various industrial applications. With its strength and reliability, this heavy-duty roller chain is a popular choice among professionals in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. Here are some key features of the 35-4 Roller Chain and tips for effectively using it: High Strength: The 35-4 Roller Chain is constructed using premium materials, ensuring high tensile strength and durability. This 35 roller chain can withstand heavy loads and operate efficiently in demanding conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Precision Engineering: Each component of the 35-4 Roller Chain is precisely engineered to ensure smooth operation and minimal wear. The pins, rollers, and plates are designed to minimize friction and reduce the risk of premature failure of this triplex roller chain, resulting in longevity and reliability. Easy Installation: Installing the 35-4 Roller Chain is a straightforward process. Start by ensuring the sprockets are properly aligned and securely mounted. Then, thread the roller chain around the sprockets, making sure it is properly tensioned. Use a chain tensioner if necessary to achieve the correct tension. Finally, connect the two ends of the ANSI 35 chain together using a master link or connecting link, ensuring it is properly secured. Regular Lubrication: To ensure optimal performance and lifespan, it is essential to regularly lubricate the 35-4 Roller Chain. Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear between the roller chain components, prolonging its life and preventing premature failure. Use a high-quality lubricant specifically designed for roller chains, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for application frequency and quantity. Routine Inspection: Regularly inspect the 35-4 Roller Chain for signs of wear, damage, or elongation. Check for loose links, missing rollers, or any other abnormalities that could affect the triplex chain's performance. Address any issues promptly by replacing worn-out or damaged components to avoid downtime and potential safety hazards. The 35-4 Roller Chain from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets is a reliable and sturdy ANSI 35 chain for various industrial applications. By following these tips and performing regular maintenance, you can ensure the roller chain operates smoothly, prolong its lifespan, and minimize the risk of unexpected failures. Order online today!

Tensile Strength
Working Load
Solid Rollers
Solid Bushings
Shot Peened
Hardened Pins
Premier Series 35-4
10,120 LBS 1,584 -- Y Y Y Y Y
8,600 LBS -- -- N Y Y N Y
Note: ANSI 35-4 quad-strand roller chain is a roller-less bushed chain, meaing that it has no rollers.

Split vs. Solid

Solid rollers drastically increase the overall working life of a roller chain because it is the first and primary point of contact between the chain and sprocket. Split rollers have the tendency to deform quickly and cause further wear.
Solid bushings decrease the amount of internal friction on the roller chain and even after long-term use, solid bushings keep their form. This further increases the working life and durability of a chain, and will greatly perform superiorly in medium to high-speed applications.
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