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Metric Roller Chain Chart

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is one of the industries leading suppliers of metric roller chains and other PT components. The metric roller chain charts below show the single, double, and triple strand standard metric chains we have but we stock more types/ sizes of metric chains as well, so if you don't see the size you need please give us a call. Also, note that the part numbers in blue are clickable links that will take you to the detailed product category page for the chain selected. This will show you different quality options, pricing, and availability on the chain.

Single Strand Metric Roller Chain Chart
Chain SizePitch (P)Roller Width (W)Roller Diameter (D)Pin Diameter (E)Plate Height (H)C/L Width (A):Breaking LoadWeight (Per Ft)
03B-15.0mm2.5mm3.2mm1.49mm4.1mm7.4mm2.4 kN0.08 kg/m
04B-16.0mm2.8mm4.0mm1.85mm5.0mm7.8mm3.2 kN0.12 kg/m
05B-18.0mm3.0mm5.0mm2.31mm7.1mm8.9mm5.9 kN0.18 kg/m
06B-19.525mm5.72mm6.35mm3.28mm8.2mm14.1mm10.4 kN0.41 kg/m
081B-112.7mm3.3mm7.75mm3.66mm9.9mm10.2mm9.97 kN0.28 kg/m
083B-112.7mm4.88mm7.75mm4.09mm10.3mm12.9mm12.7 kN0.42 kg/m
085B-112.7mm6.38mm7.77mm3.58mm9.9mm14.0mm12.26 kN0.4 kg/m
08B-112.7mm7.75mm8.51mm4.45mm11.8mm18.2mm19.4 kN0.7 kg/m
10B-115.875mm9.65mm10.16mm5.08mm14.7mm20.9mm27.5 kN0.9 kg/m
12B-119.05mm11.68mm12.07mm5.72mm16.0mm24.2mm32.2 kN1.3 kg/m
12BH-119.05mm11.68mm12.07mm5.94mm16.0mm26.8mm40.0 kN2.0 kg/m
16B-125.4mm17.02mm15.88mm8.28mm21.0mm37.4mm72.8 kN2.7 kg/m
20B-131.75mm19.56mm19.05mm10.19mm26.4mm45.0mm106.7 kN3.6 kg/m
24B-138.1mm25.4mm25.4mm14.63mm33.4mm57.8mm178.0 kN 6.7 kg/m
28B-144.45mm30.99mm27.94mm15.90mm37.0mm29.5mm222.0 kN8.3 kg/m
32B-150.8mm30.99mm29.21mm17.81mm42.2mm71.0mm277.5 kN10.5 kg/m
40B-163.5mm38.1mm39.37mm22.89mm52.9mm89.2mm394.0 kN16.0 kg/m
48B-176.2mm45.72mm48.26mm29.24mm63.8mm107.0mm621.6 kN25.0 kg/m
56B-188.9mm53.34mm53.98mm34.32mm77.8mm123.0mm940.0 kN35.0 kg/m
Single Strand Metric Roller Chain Drawing

Double Strand Metric Roller Chain Chart
Chain SizePitch (P)Roller Width (W)Roller Diameter (D)Pin Diameter (E)Plate Height (H)Transverse Pitch (T) C/L Width (A):Breaking LoadWeight (Per Ft)
04B-26.00mm2.8mm4.0mm1.85mm5.0mm5.50mm13.3mm5.8 kN0.23 kg/m
05B-28.00mm3.0mm5.0mm2.31mm7.1mm5.64mm14.5mm10.2 kN0.36 kg/m
06B-29.525mm5.72mm6.35mm3.28mm8.2mm10.24mm24.4mm18.7 kN0.8 kg/m
08B-212.7mm7.75mm8.51mm4.45mm11.8mm13.92mm32.2mm38.7 kN1.0 kg/m
10B-215.875mm9.65mm10.16mm5.08mm14.7mm16.59mm37.5mm56.2 kN1.8 kg/m
12B-219.05mm11.68mm12.07mm5.72mm16.1mm19.46mm43.6mm66.1 kN2.5 kg/m
16B-225.4mm17.02mm15.88mm8.28mm21.0mm31.88mm69.3mm133.0 kN5.4 kg/m
20B-231.75mm19.56mm19.05mm10.19mm26.4mm36.45mm81.5mm211.2 kN7.2 kg/m
24B-238.1mm25.4mm25.4mm14.63mm33.4mm48.36mm106.2mm319.2 kN13.5 kg/m
28B-244.45mm30.99mm27.94mm15.90mm37.0mm59.56mm129.1mm406.8 kN16.6 kg/m
32B-250.8mm30.99mm29.21mm17.81mm42.2mm58.55mm129.6mm508.5 kN21.0 kg/m
40B-263.5mm38.1mm39.37mm22.89mm52.9mm72.29mm161.5mm711.9 kN32.0 kg/m
48B-27.62mm45.7248.26mm29.24mm63.8mm91.21mm198.2mm1130.0 kN50.0 kg/m
56B-288.9mm53.98mm53.98mm34.32mm77.8mm106.60mm229.6mm1760.0 kN70.0 kg/m
Double Strand Metric Roller Chain Drawing

Triple Strand Metric Roller Chain Chart
Chain SizePitch (P)Roller Width (W)Roller Diameter (D)Pin Diameter (E)Plate Height (H)Transverse Pitch (T) C/L Width (A):Breaking LoadWeight (Per Ft)
05B-38.00mm3.00mm5.0mm2.31mm7.1mm5.64mm20.2mm13.8 kN0.5 kg/m
06B-39.525mm5.72mm6.35mm3.28mm8.2mm10.24mm34.6mm30.1 kN1.0 kg/m
08B-312.7mm7.75mm8.51mm4.45mm11.8mm13.92mm46.1mm57.8 kN2.0 kg/m
10B-315.875mm9.65mm10.16mm5.08mm14.7mm16.59mm54.1mm84.5 kN2.8 kg/m
12B-319.05mm11.68mm12.07mm5.72mm16.1mm19.46mm63.1mm101.8 kN3.8 kg/m
16B-325.4mm17.02mm15.88mm8.28mm21.0mm31.88mm101.2mm203.7 kN8.0 kg/m
20B-331.75mm19.56mm19.05mm10.19mm26.4mm36.45mm117.9mm290.0 kN11.0 kg/m
24B-338.1mm25.4mm25.4mm14.63mm33.4mm48.36mm154.6mm493.0 kN21.0 kg/m
28B-344.45mm30.99mm27.94mm15.90mm37.0mm59.56mm188.7mm609.5 kN25.0 kg/m
32B-350.8mm30.99mm29.21mm17.81mm42.2mm58.55mm188.2mm770.5 kN32.0 kg/m
40B-363.5mm38.1mm39.37mm22.89mm52.9mm72.29mm233.8mm1092.5 kN48.0 kg/m
48B-376.2mm45.72mm48.26mm29.24mm63.8mm91.21mm289.4mm1710.0 kN75.0 kg/m
Triple Strand Metric Roller Chain Drawing

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